Kids Activities in


Building Birdhouses

Building Birdhouses for winged friends to enjoy when kids arrive home is a real winner and keeps the memory of the resort and friends alive.

Crafty Movies

Crafty Movies are a hit with kids who like to do fun crafts like making ping pong eye balls and watching fun family films.

Pirate Parties

Pirate Parties get groups of kids together to create a fantasy world of shipwrecked treasure hunts and hide and seek.  Costumes, prizes and lots of action unfold in this awesome activity.

Kids with Canvas

Kids With Canvas turns little ones into big bright artists. Paints and canvas are a small cost for painting a memory that will last forever.

Circus Monkey

Circus Monkey gives Mom and Dad golden moments to photograph the kids twirling plates and juggling balls just like mini members of Cirque de Soleil.

Glitter Art Tattoos

Glitter Art Tattoos are safe and wash off quickly but are oh so fun to design.

Kids love to play games...and so do we!
  • Giant Bowling

  • Crocodile Races

  • Hot Potato Water Balloon Toss