• j50917

Paradise Activity Company in Las Vegas rocks the summer with a real life Mermaid!

At Cancun Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada we had an amazing visitor all summer long, a real life Mermaid! Mermaid Caysea hosted an hour show in our Mayan Lagoon Pool. She read an interactive story to all the little guppies that teaches them confidence building skills and bravery all while having a splash!

All the guests also learned what is in her secret Mermaid treasure chest as well as secrets from the ocean. We also played a fun game using her special pearls called Dolphins versus Sharks. The final part of her show is when she initiates all the little guppies in the secret mermaid club and takes them all for a swim.

The way she moves in the water memorized us all. The best part about her show is how inclusive she is! Boys and girls and all ages enjoyed her this summer and we can not wait to have her back next year.

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